Zett Jukassa Wallpaper

Zett Jukassa

A Storm Trooper brigade! What do they here?
Why marches Master Anakin at their head?
We’re curious at first, no thought of fear.
Until the firing started. Then we fled.
The Jedi body-count does quickly climb.
I am afraid. Anakin to our classroom
Slew all my friends in seconds. In quick time
He turned my home into a bloody tomb!
I run – closely pursued. Storm Troopers track
Me still. I must deflect this laser-bolt.
There are so many! Why do they attack?
Why are we being killed? What is our fault?
And Anakin – so different are his eyes:
They burn bright red, as though a different man
Wears his body as some kind of disguise.
He is no Jedi. This slaughter began
With his approval. I can run no more –
Troopers advance towards me through the door.
I stand. I fight to die. And all – what for?