Yoda 02

Yoda – Duel with Darth Sidious

All is undone! ‘Tis too late to undo
The Darkness that the Sith himself has wound
Around the Senate’s counsels! Will I too
Lack strength to oppose evil when ‘tis found?

“Ho! Chancellor! Reality I see.
Through you, I see. You and your little game.
Past your deceits I find reality.
Sheev Palpatine – what is your Sith Lord name?”

He fires Dark Lightning! Hear the Sith Lord boast
Like some proud child! Now my Power-Thrust!

“Not yet has Dark Side won. Really are most
The Senators with you? Who can you trust?”

“I’ve looked forward to this, my small, green friend.
The Jedi are expunged. They are all dead!”

“Not so, I think. The Jedi will not end.
Can Empire be born without you as head?”

I thrust and parry, stab and block and slash.
The Sith Lord wards, then with ferocity
Strikes back. Around us Dark and Light force clash:
Darth Sidious should like to destroy me!
Dark levin again! I catch his lightning beams
And hold them, clenching them within my hands
To fling them back – and now the Dark Lord screams!
He is too strong! What power this Sith commands!
His lightning-arcs strike me, I’m thrown back
To drop. I plummet, hardly break my fall.
I am so tired! My frontal attack
Has failed. I fear that I have failed us all!
If even I the Sith could not defeat –
What now is left but ignominious retreat?