Taun We Wallpaper

Taun We

I love my cloning job on Kamino!
To breed a top clone army takes much skill:
200,000 are ready to go:
New-born Storm Troopers, ready-trained to kill.
One million more on order to be made
Obedient to superiors, and all grown
From one genetic blueprint. Each displayed
Abilities superior to any drone.
A full decade of work! Their growth, of course,
Has been accelerated. What they learn
Is purely task-related. As, perforce,
Clones are investments which must give return!
The finest army we have ever raised!
The first of many contracts, I do hope.
Our cloning skills have justly long been praised.
Our creativity has ample scope
In future projects that we work to fill:
Designing clones to order. So we will.