Quinlan Vos Wallpaper

Quinlan Vos

Strong Kiffar talent runs within my veins.
By psychometry, inner eyes can see
What objects saw. By my touch now thus gains
My mind to perceive other memory.
I’ve walked close to the Dark Side of the Force
On paths that other Jedi fear to tread.
But, when on mission, you must stay the course
And follow it wheresoever you’re led.
Life is a risk – and I risked many lives
When I was Jedi. Then the Jedi were
Extinguished. When our order next revives
We can rebuild from our late disaster.
I was not meant to live. When on Kashyyk
Came Order 66 to massacre
All Jedi, I escaped. It’s now my neck
They want – as scapegoats always are called for.
The future is uncertain, even so.
Thus me and mine will into hiding go.