Padme Death

Padmé Amidala

Padmé unmoving on her bed-support.
The Medic-droids around her hummed with life.
But Amidala lacked the cure she sought:
Her husband – whom she’d loved as his dear wife
Had chosen darkness. Why then should she live?
Her time for birth was quickly drawing near.
As Padmé’s life-force ebbed, she did but give
Her final strength to push twin babies clear
Into the arms of a clean medic-droid.
Twin beautiful newborns: one girl, one boy.
For a last moment in the asteroid
Facility she felt the throes of joy
And named them: “Leia, Luke.” Her desires
Complete, the mother for life had no will.
So Padmé in the silence soon expires.
The twins cry quietly. And all is still.
Dead men can’t choose. The living must decide:
How best the babes be hidden to survive?
Their true parents will be secret. They’ll hide
Each twin apart, to keep them both alive.
Leia, adopted, goes to Alderaan.
While Luke on Tatooine grows to a man.