Obi Wan Kenobi Wallpaper 04

Obi-Wan Kenobi – Second Duel with Lord Vader

Kenobi sighed. His task was surely done.
Let the young flee. But right here he must stay.
He had commenced Luke’s training – new-begun
Scant weeks before. To be taken away
So soon is bitter. Yet Kenobi strode
Onwards with calm. For him, the end of things
Made him feel lighter, released from his load
Of guardianship. Around the corner swings
A tall, black frame. Familiar. Vader stood
Astride the corridor. Their business here
Must be completed. Things go as they should.
Kenobi unperturbed stood without fear.

“I’ve waited, Obi-Wan. We meet again.
‘Tis time to close the circle. You will learn
Who is the master now, when you are slain.
From our first duel my proper meed you’ll earn.”

“You’re but master of evil.” came reply.
“You cannot win. For when you strike me down
I shall become more powerful – yea, I! –
Than you imagine.”
Vader’s concealed frown
Deigns no reply – except light-saber’s hiss.
A red beam crossed with blue as light strikes light –
Sparks showering. Death sighs with each near miss.
The duelists start a fierce, ferocious fight.
Kenobi saw that young Luke would escape.
His job is done! Smiling, his sharp dispute
With Vader pauses: stands back from the fray
Raising his saber in a brisk salute.
With no misgivings, Vader strikes at once.
The Jedi vanished in a blaze of light.
Darth Vader, puzzled, stands still for the nonce.
How did Kenobi disappear from sight?
No corpse. No body. Nothing there at all!
Vader his clothing spurns beneath his heel.
At last Kenobi’s dead. He’d seen him fall.
But still unsatisfied does Vader feel.
He’d closed the circle. Their duel took its course.
Why should Kenobi be one with the Force?