Obi vs Anakin Wallpaper

Obi-Wan Kenobi – First Duel with Lord Vader

“What have you done? I loved you like a brother!
The prophecy was you’d destroy the Sith!
Not join them! Now you have become another:
You’re not the friend I fought alongside with!
You’ve murdered Jedi: each youngling and child!
You’ve slaughtered Separatists in perjured blood!
The Dark Side has consumed you! Let reviled
Your name henceforward be! For understood
That Anakin, my brother, he is dead!
Here stands a Sith Lord in his place instead!”

Lord Vader mocked. “So do all Jedi speak!
But what is it can the weak Jedi do?”

“That you shall see! Now let my saber wreak
A starting measure of justice upon you!”

So Obi Wan Kenobi swings his blade
Lord Vader wards and blocks. Both strike again
As Jedi versus Sith. Spark showers made
Hissing upon the ramp, as these two men
Attempted to cut down, or to thrust through:
Wrest some advantage, or a weakness seek.
Each other’s swordmanship too well they knew
As now each tries vengeance anew to wreak.
Kenobi fights to prevent the Sith rise
To preserve the Republic. Anakin
Fights to gain power over death and tries
For high place in the Empire to begin.
Both hew and slash with all their strength today –
The stakes are far too high, so neither flinch
As both give out and receive in the fray
So many blows: and neither give an inch.
When the deck underfoot begins to sink,
They deign no notice, but transfer their duel
Outside: both skipping nimbly ‘long the brink
As streaming lava fills each fiery pool.
Each thrust averted, each blow parried, till
Upon the farthest bank the Jedi stands.
Lord Vader rushes in to make the kill:
The outcome now is in Kenobi’s hands.
One brutal slash! Vader in agony
Writhes in the mud: sans legs, just one arm left.
So why does now Kenobi seem to flee?
Why is it that the Jedi his foe left?
The dying Vader cursed. The Jedi leaves
Who won the duel. But yet the winner grieves.