Obi Wan Kenobi Wallpaper 01

Obi-Wan Kenobi – Prelude

These eyes have seen too much. The desert sands
Of Tatooine now my private retreat
From faux-galactic wars. Who understands
Better than I the evils one will meet
Within the empire? Long a Jedi knight
I served as Padawan to Jinn Qui-Gon –
Then led troopers in many a divers fight.
I thought it was the Force leading me on.
Then the Republic fell! Friends turned to foes.
Clone Troopers hunted to kill each Jedi.
So many slaughtered! I did not suppose
Many still live. I was not sure – would I?
Yet I live on: guarding my enemy’s son:
Almost a man, now. Young Skywalker Luke.
So like his father! As I gaze upon
I feel that Fate has given me rebuke.
I trained his father – who became a Sith!
Who betrayed me and murdered Jedi youth!
I dueled him to the death. From death, forthwith,
He was reborn as Vader. I feel ruth
For inadvertently I did create
Another Sith Lord fueled by vengeful hate!
Can I undo this tragedy I’ve done
By training up as a Jedi his son?