Luke Skywalker Falling

Luke Skywalker – First Duel with Lord Vader

I felt the Sith Lord there inside Bespin:
The city was a trap: how well I knew!
Yet Han was there – Cloud City his prison.
And I must free him. What else could I do?
Inside the chamber filled with carbon-freeze
My footsteps led: and Vader I met there.
With light-saber I slash and block with ease –
Despite chill vapour filling the air.
Eluding every trap, I strike back hard –
Using the Force to power-jump and fly
Across the chamber. On and on we sparred
What Vader wants with me – I cannot scry.
My hand! The pain! My light-saber is lost!
Yet Vader sheathes his own. No killing blow?
His words me since have many torments cost.
They have a ring of truth – can it be so?

“Kenobi never told you, Luke. He hid
The truth from you. Where is your father now?”
“You killed him!” “Nay – that deed I never did.
I am your father. Luke, can’t you see how
Much I desire you join me by my side?
We can destroy the Emperor, my son!
The Dark Side calls: it will not be denied!
Why still believe the lies of Obi-Wan?”

So what is truth? Did old Kenobi lie?
No! Vader bandies words just to convince
Me and entrap me. Then – why is it I
Cannot brush it all off? Half-truths? I wince.
My mind is muddied. Why can’t I dismiss
His bogus claims and all his words forget?
But maybe there is truth mixed up in this?
I cannot comprehend this matter yet.

Shock. Pain. Despair. Denial. Down the well
I leapt. Resigned to death, I quickly fell…