Luke Skywalker Wallpaper 01

Luke Skywalker – Prelude

I never knew my parents. I was raised
On Tatooine, an orphan. I did wonder
About my parents. Would they be amazed
To see me living? Were they six feet under?
Although I wished to travel far away
Off-planet, never did I think R2
Might be the catalyst. R2’s display
Of Leia’s plea to Ben made it come true.
When my old farm and guardians were burned,
My life went up in smoke! The hermit, Ben –
Who was no hermit, as I quickly learned,
But a trained Jedi – took me with him then.
All memories of Tatooine we spurned.
We dodged Imperial ships to Alderaan –
Or to the asteroid-rubble that had been
A planet, once. What was now our plan?
Too late! Imperial forces had us seen –
Our ship was captive made by the Death Star:
Their tractor-beams held the Falcon down fast.
Could we escape? Solo and Chewbacca
And I freed Princess Leia at the last
As Obi-Wan Kenobi his life gave
In aiding our escape. He was struck down
By Darth Vader. He died a Jedi brave –
As I would die. For I would win renown
By killing Vader with my own right hand:
To deal him back what Justice does demand.