Kit Fisto Wallpaper

Kit Fisto

By all the seas of my own Glee Anselm,
Though every drop became as many eyes
Through which I could see the galactic realm –
Never in all my days has such surprise
Entered my soul: a Sith here in our midst!
We never knew! Our Jedi Council – blind!
With all our prescience, we, the Dark Side missed!
We looked and looked – yet only now we find!
Well – we are four: tried warriors, Jedi knights –
Myself, Mace Windu, Kalar, Saesee Tiin
Trying at this late hour to put to rights
Our deadly peril. As custodian
Of the Republic, we’ll take this Sith Lord
And cage him well. Four masters are enough
To force this menace at edge of our sword
To now resign. Well, lead us on, MacDuff!
We’ll see this course through even if we die.
Certes from this path I’ll not turn back – not I.