K-2SO 02

K-2SO – Last stand on Scarif

Blam! Blam! Another stormtrooper I’ve shot.
But I compute I’m running out of time.
I shall employ what moments I have got,
But I will tell them: hurry up and climb!
My circuits spot more enemies. Blam! Blam!
A breathing space – until another squad
Is routed here. My Captain’s in a jam.
I hope they find those plans! Our landing pod
Cannot extract us now. Where is Stardust?
Maybe they can retrieve it, then transmit
The data past the planet-shield and just
Give us enough time to escape and split.
I calculate our odds: they are so small
My diodes give us practically no chance
That any of us will survive at all.
My sensors detect more troopers advance.
I shut the vault-doors, jam the over-ride.
I shoot. Their lasers blast open my side…