Jango Fett Wallpaper

Jango Fett

For fugitives across the stars I seek.
It is a living. But this way of life
Is not for everyone. Not for the weak!
Continual shoot-outs, stalking, duels and strife.
Carving a path to get you in and out –
With piles of smoking bodies behind you.
It pays. And that is what it’s all about.
A man has gotta do what he must do
To make his own way in the universe:
Might makes for Right. The prize goes to the strong.
Shoot first. Because I’ve found there’s nothing worse
Thinking they’re dead – to find later you’re wrong.
Kamino paid my largest bounty yet:
I earnt it selling my own DNA.
They’re going to clone a million Jango Fett
Building a secret Republic army.
Apart from cash: when it is time to run
I now have young Boba to call my own.
I never thought – till now – I’d like a son.
I never thought I would adopt a clone.
What’s this? Here’s trouble! Some new Jedi freak
Poking around. Not looking for friendship!
Jedi are tricky. This one is a sneak.
Time to depart – and give this guy the slip.
There’s times to fight, and times to slip away
To stay alive and to collect our pay.