Jabba with Boba Fett

Jabba the Hutt – Let Slip the Bounty Hunters

I am most disappointed when I learn
Han Solo failed what I asked him do.
He thinks to gain me nothing in return?
I don’t permit such failures. What to do?
Solo has blown his chances when he hid
From me. He should know better than to hide
From Jabba Hutt! What I say he is bid
To do, he’ll do it. I cannot abide
Dishonesty towards me. None cheat me
Who won’t regret it. ‘Tis time to let slip
My dogs of war who work for a bounty.
To Boba Fett I’ll pay a generous tip.
My credits are the best. Should Boba Fett
Bring Solo back alive? Yes. In one piece.
And for this job I will ensure he’ll get
Rewarded well. My profits must increase!
One must have discipline or things will start
To fracture, and give opportunity
For rivals to destroy and tear apart
My empire. We can’t have that, can we?
I built my business from ground-up. In time
I shall become the sovereign prince of crime!