Han Solo Carbonite

Han Solo – Carbonite Awakening

So cold! The hibernation of my mind
Slows to the heartbeat of a circling star
And slower – leaving consciousness behind
Frozen in carbonite. So, here we are.
You never cross a Hutt. They have the reach
To track your movements and then hunt you down.
Just let my recent experiences teach
You: watch your step on the wrong side of town.
To earn fast money, risks are very high.
How long in hibernation will I be?
The days tick by and still frozen I lie
Encased in carbon. Time is naught to me.
But now the heating process activates
Warming my body to life from a corse.
Carbonite sublimates. Cold abates.
I move! Someone – whoever is the source
Of my deliverance – may the stars them bless!
I cannot see yet, temporarily blind.
‘Tis Leia’s voice! She’s rescued me, I guess!
She helps me forward, our exit to find.
We hurry to get out of this place. But –
Do I not hear the laughter of a Hutt?