General Grievous Wallpaper 02

General Grievous – Duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi

Holed up on Utapau inside my base
Our alarms sound. I give a mental sigh.
The Republic has found my hiding place.
As I knew that they would, all by and by.
Well, a good general always can retreat:
As they all will soon once again discover.
This planet was my temporary seat:
To plan my next move from convenient cover.
Now is the time to move. I wave droids back.
Who’s this? A Jedi? Advancing alone?
Well, well. Another morsel to attack
Before I leave. Let my prowess be shown:
I advance with four spinning Jedi blades
Like vengeful Hindi gods. Black stars! My arm!
He’s severed two! By the avenging shades
Of those I’ve slain: he threatens mortal harm!
I attack first – but he wields a Force Thrust
Slamming me hard, squeezing my circuits numb.
Time to retreat! To my wheel-bike I trust.
By all the gods – yet faster does he come!
Close on my tail. I shoot. Each laser blast
He dodges. Wheeling, however I turn
Still this Jedi me follows. He comes fast!
I try to shake him with a final burn
Towards my landing platform. Argh! The crash
Weakens my cyborg body. Up he jumps
Eager to duel. I make a final dash –
For I must leave! Depart this verdant clump
Of biosphere and other planets try.
I strike the Jedi. Well then, fool, lay on!
As it seems you are so eager to die!
But I am stronger than you, Obi-Wan!
He strikes a blow! I howl with pain! I spy
He’s ripped open my chest-plate! Next I throw
Him off the edge. He hurt me! I descry
My spaceship docked. It is high time to go.
But wait – he’s holding on! He’s still not dead!
I’ve strength enough to crush this damned insect
Who nearly finished me. I’ll have ended
This duel now. His troopers can’t protect
Him from my hand. This electrostaff here
Will do: this Jedi needs but one blow more
To finish him. Quickly I advance near –
How does my blaster now towards him soar
Into his hand? What now? My blaster, aimed
At point blank range directly at my heart!
One shot. I have at last finally been tamed!
Organs ignite. My body falls apart.
With final screams of agony I burn
Writhing as inside I to ashes turn…