General Grievous Wallpaper 01

General Grievous – Prelude

A cyborg, I. More robot than weak flesh.
Rebuilt. Enhanced. Improved. For to assist
Once feeble organs I have bio-mesh
Encased in armour able to resist
Cold, sterile vacuum. With four sturdy arms
Like some erst Hindu deity I seek
New battles and new conflicts – all war’s charms.
Dancing with danger is not for the weak!
I rejoiced when the Sith selected me
To be their general. Now for them I fight
Leading my droids across the galaxy.
And we shall win. For strength is always right.
I wield at once four light-sabers: I duel
Singly with Jedi knights, who make the best
Combatants. When I slay them, I’m not cruel:
They die with honor for the late contest.
Like warrior gods of old, I live for war.
Life without risk is not worth living for.