Dexter Jettstar

Dexter Jettster

It’s many parsecs from my dear Ojom.
But life-forms gotta eat, I do opine.
So here on Coruscant with due aplomb
I run my own business – old Dex’s Dine.
I’ve done plenty of rough jobs in my life.
I’ve smuggled, and prospected, and gun-run.
No time to spend on looking for a wife.
Those times were hard – but also kinda fun.
But I don’t want those rough jobs back no more –
That’s why I’m on this planet, in my Diner.
Let toughnuts risk their necks. Enough of war!
This is the life – and there is nothing finer.
When Obi-Wan comes in – something was up.
He never comes unless for my advice.
I came over. He’s pretending to sup.
He showed me something – and it wasn’t nice.
“Kamino saberdart.” At once I knew –
As soon as I looked at it. “Kamino –
They’ve got good cloners there, and not a few.
Buying some clones? Then they’re the place to go.
You Jedi knights should really have put more
Faith in the wisdom of communities
Than in some database or data- store.”
Kenobi laughed, and ruefully agrees.
He leaves. But I got bad feelings ‘bout this.
Trouble’s brewing. The thought I can’t dismiss.