Anakin vs Emperor

Darth Vader – Decease

My son has thrown me down. Well, that is just.
Severing my hand – as once I did him so.
He’ll make a fine Sith pupil, as he must.
Is it not what I myself did long ago?
Back all those decades, when I chose to kneel
Before Darth Sidious. I have served him well.
I’ve been usurped in turn. Quite apt, I feel.
We cannot be redeemed, if we choose hell.
Now my Sith master offers to Luke’s face
The devil’s bargain I accepted then:
Butcher the old apprentice, take his place!
And why should Luke not act like other men?
What’s this? His light-saber he throws aside!
He bids Sidious defiance! No! My boy –
He shall destroy you! I know! I have tried
To break these bonds! The Dark Side is no toy
To trifle with! Dark-lightning cuts the air
My Luke to torture, exhausting his life.
I lurch back on my feet in my despair.
Luke’s screams rip through me like a jagged knife.
My bondage now I break. With cyborg stride
I hoist the Dark Lord up. This is the end.
His lightning turns on me: for I’ve defied
The Dark at last. He wounds me. Yet I send
Him hurtling to his death as agony
Spears through my broken body, this old frame.
Luke’s here – he’s by my side. And saved by me!
He calls me father. Aye. That is my name.
Soon I depart. Luke’s hands unclip my mask.
My boy! No tears. You’ve saved me. You were right.
You’ve done for me your culminating task.
The Force is balanced, in the end. The sight
Of you gives hope to me. This I will take
Into the Force, in old Jedi parlance.
The Light has triumphed in me. Did I make
Things right again? The Force is in balance!
Farewell, my son. So long I’ve walked in night –
I hardly hope I will pass into Light.