Anakin vs Luke

Darth Vader – Duel with Luke Skywalker

My son still lives! I searched the galaxy
To find my son. Now, in Bespin, he’s here.
I shall persuade my son that he join me.
While in this place, no-one shall interfere.
My son and I: we shall make a Sith team,
To overthrow the haughty Emperor.
An Empire we both rule – that is my dream.
But first – I must convince him what’s in store
Is for his good, to bring him to my side,
To first master the Dark Side of the Force.
For I will be his tutor and his guide.
We’ll overthrow Darth Sidious in due course.
He comes! My boy is strong! Just as was I!
The smuggler Han Solo was the bait
That drew him here to me. Now I must try
To capture him, convince, subjugate
His will. He sees me. Good! He fights quite well!
He will become worthy apprentice, mine.
Well struck! Yet I am faster! Who can tell
What we might do together? It is fine
To see his strong potential. By the shaft
He stumbles – then I swing back for a strike
Severing his hand. Internally I laughed.
Luke thinks that I shall kill him as I like!
Not so! The time is for persuasive words:
Revealing things that Luke has never known.
Well chosen speech is more potent than swords:
And will a harvest reap, prudently sown.

“Luke, Obi-Wan some truths you never told.
What happened to your father? You tell me
All that you think you know.” “Short to unfold:
You killed him!” “Nay! He spoke that untruly:
I am your father, Luke! Come! With me join!
If but the Dark Side’s power, Luke, you knew
You’d see things differently. It is the coin
With which to rule an Empire!” But he threw
Himself down into the dark shaft’s abyss
Screaming denial and heartfelt despair.
My plans, mayhap, have miscarried amiss.
As silence filled the rarefied, chill air
I became deeply troubled as I felt
Him through the Force as into depths far down
He plummeted. For a moment I knelt.
The truth had shocked him. On his face he’d shown
That he knew nothing of this. Oh my son!
I curse the subtlety of Obi-Wan!
But Luke is not dead, yet. Let my boy live!
I am your father, with so much to give!