Anakiin vs Obi-Wan

Darth Vader – Second Duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi

I sensed him through the currents of the Force.
Old Obi-Wan Kenobi. Then I knew
His time had come. Just a matter of course
For me to hunt him down. Time to renew
Our old acquaintance. Unhurried, I walk
With cyborg-enhanced strides, robotic strength
That never ages. Now he cannot balk:
I’ve run this craven Jedi down. At length
I’ve found him – as I knew I would. He’s there,
Composed. Much older than last time. More frail.
He quirks a smile – just like he used to wear
In former days. He’s weak. How can I fail?
I’m cautious – Ben is stronger than he seems.
I am alert. He speaks in riddles now.
What senile speech is this? He thinks he means
To frighten me? A Sith Lord? Me – to cow?
Enough of talk. Sabers ignite. Each slash
Brings back to me the last time: Mustafar.
He sliced my legs off then. Again we clash.
I thrust – he wards and blocks. Now here we are.
“You cannot win.” His words play in my mind.
“Striking me down will only make me stronger!”
I now will pay this Jedi back in kind:
I will not play at saber-dueling longer:
Kenobi makes no ward and lifts his blade
In a farewell salute. I strike him hard –
His body disappears! I stand dismayed!
I can no corpse discover. We have sparred –
Now he is gone. What do his last words mean?
No understanding of them can I glean.