Anakin vs Obi-Wan

Darth Vader – First Duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi

Her star-skiff landed. Out flitted Padmé
I greeted her with joy. For I could see
The one I loved above all else: who may
Die soon in child-birth – if not for me.
For only the Dark Side can give me power
Over Life and Death – so has my Master taught.
I’ll be beside her at her birthing hour –
To make this threat to her life come to naught.
But then – behind her out came Obi-Wan.
Betrayed! She too betrayed me, after all!
Instinctively my Force choke-hold begun
To suffocate her. But I let her fall,
Unconscious. I had business to attend:
Come Obi-Wan – traitor and specious liar!
‘Tis time for Jedi influence to end
So they no more can subvert my Empire.
I am the man who defeated Dooku –
And took his place! None can stand before me!
Yet Obi-Wan does not the wise thing do:
He never took his chance and tried to flee.
I am the master now! My furious blows
Damage the site controls, deactivate
The base which falls into the lava flows.
Such dueling swiftly fuels my Dark Side hate!
Over-leaping streams of fire from rock to rock
I parry, ward, stab, counter, cut and thrust.
But Obi-wan fends off each with a block –
Returning blows with interest. Soon I must
Conclude this duel. Redoubling my blows
I draw near at last to the farthest side.
Was it my hubris that this moment chose
Defeat – not victory? Chastening my pride?
How did he do it? Even as I leap
Kenobi warns me just before he strikes
Off my remaining limbs. A bloody heap
I crumple into. He’ll do as he likes:
I’m at his mercy. Let him run me through!
I curse him to the very pits of hell!
But Obi-Wan forbears that deed to do.
He dares to claim that once he loved me well!
He left me there upon the mud to die!
He dared to say he loved me like a brother!
I’ll kill him! How could he? That damned Jedi!
Take me, a Sith Lord, down? There’ll be another
Day of reckoning. But from that time
I recall nothing. I awoke in black,
Dark, cybernetic harness. From the clime
Of Mustafar, my master brought me back:
Much more cyborg than man. But I have hate:
On Kenobi my vengeance shall be great.