Darth Vader Wallpaper

Darth Vader – Prelude

I am the obverse side coined by Jedi:
Late Jedi master, now a Sith Dark Lord.
So many deeds, both good and evil, I
Have done. But what shall happen afterward
I hardly know. By Obi-Wan betrayed
I killed my Padmé, so the Emperor said.
But yet – my memories of her do not fade
Completely. And Kenobi in my head
Still cries to me: “Never to the Dark Side
You should have joined!” I could not answer back:
He left me there dismembered to abide
A lingering death after his last attack.
I’ll hunt him down myself, and run him through
To finish what our first duel just began.
Oh yes, Kenobi: I shall get you too.
When we last fought I was the weaker man:
But I am stronger now. More Jedi killed
I have than any other. Where you are
I’ll find you. Still inside, my mind is filled
With thoughts unsettled. After Mustafar
I was rebuilt, reborn. My cyborg strength
Never diminishes, nor can feel old.
But yet: I wonder, will I too at length
Also give place to some young upstart bold?
I can protect myself, by the Dark Side!
Those who think they can match me: woe betide!