Count Dooku Wallpaper

Count Dooku

Trained as a Jedi – by Yoda no less! –
I sought the Dark Side, wanting greater power.
And I succeeded. The price, I confess,
Was high. But now my Sith faculties flower.
I am the front man for Separatist war
As planet systems fall into my hand.
Count Dooku remains but my nom de guerre
As Lord Tyrannus, droid legions I command:
New, mass-produced in quantities to fight
The Republic and bring it to its knees.
Then my Sith master will at last invite
A rump Senate to pass laws to appease
Him as the Emperor. Then I’ll have gained
My promised place next to the Emperor’s side!
My powers never Jedi have attained –
And the strongest of them I have defied!
In the new empire I have earnt my place:
Trained in the dark side, as a high Lord Sith
Who the Dark Force does willingly embrace.
I chose early which side to ally with!
By force of arms we’ll tame this galaxy
To make it serve the Emperor. And me.