Boba Fett Wallpaper 02

Boba Fett – Death by Sarlacc

That boy leads a charmed life. A slippery snake!
Why can’t he die? Why isn’t he deceased?
Chaos erupts. It’s time action to take –
I always can rely on me, at least.

Jumping from off the sail-barge, Boba flew
Onto the skiff and fired his grappling rope,
Attempts the vexing Jedi to subdue.
But Luke was warned, and his reflexes cope
Avoids the trap, and then Boba engaged:
By him Fett’s blaster quickly is destroyed
And Fett in turn attempts to dodge enraged
And wild thrusts that Solo’s beam employed:
By chance it activates Boba’s jetpack
Propelling Boba’s body, so it flails
Into the Hutt sail-barge, to tumble back
Out-of-control in free-fall. Thus, he fails:
Plummets into the Sarlacc. It appears
Digestion takes about 1,000 years.