Anakin vs Dooku 02

Anakin Skywalker – Second Duel with Count Dooku

Count Dooku stood astride the bridge. His calm
Belied the battle raging on outside
In space round Coruscant. But perilous harm
He threatened any with, whom he descried
Crossing his path. “It seems that once again
You wish to duel. Do you recall the first
Time that we crossed our sabers? Did you ken
Who won that combat? And who came off worst?”
“I am much stronger, now.” came the reply
From Anakin, who focused on the threat
From Dooku. Obi-Wan lay still nearby –
Unconscious. They’re not out of danger yet!
Dooku opened the duel with a tight smile.
Skywalker nearer draws, saber ignites,
And swings. Count Dooku parries. In fine style
Each stabs and counters, and the blazing lights
Of sabers crossed spark showers of red and blue
Across the bridge, watched close by Palpatine
With interest. Anakin strikes hard and true
Continuously. Exertion starts to line
Count Dooku’s face: his offensive attack
Skywalker repels easily. The Count
Tries harder. Still his foe forces him back –
An adversary he cannot surmount.
Slow realisation over his face steals:
This duel he cannot win! With frantic blows
And rising panic Dooku his fate seals.
His end is nigh. His Jedi rival shows
No mercy. Spite of feverish defence
Skywalker strikes off both Count Dooku’s hands.
The Count falls to his knees. No more pretense.
The Chancellor his instant death demands.
Count Dooku looks up, shocked, filled with dismay!
His master asks this upstart for his head!
How could he his most loyal man betray?
But Skywalker then guillotines him dead.
Smug satisfaction filled the Chancellor’s face:
A new pupil to train in Dooku’s place!