Anakin vs Dooku 01

Anakin Skywalker – First Duel with Count Dooku

Count Dooku’s speeder was within my sights
There was no chance the Count would get away
If I could help it! Victory, by my lights,
Meant stopping Dooku on this very day!

Ferocious rage burned hot in Anakin
Whose near-escape from providing a feast
To carnivores made him eager to win
A reckoning from Dooku, at the least.
Into the hanger Skywalker soon sped
With his late master nearby at his side.
Count Dooku’s presence they both felt ahead.
Skywalker rushed onwards, his quarry spied,
And called for combat. Dooku calmly stood
And smiled – like some large feline sighting prey.
His red light-saber ignites. Now what could
The Sith be thinking? Was he not at bay?
Outnumbered? Obi-Wan advanced and drove
Hard, rapid strokes in a furious attack
Which Dooku countered as the warriors strove
Across the hanger floor, forwards and back
Till Dooku overmastered Obi-Wan,
Besting the Jedi, who now groaning lay
In pain upon the floor. He did not run –
But faced Skywalker, seeking further play.
Anakin raged, and many blows he struck.
Count Dooku sternly parried all and each
Then his Force levin bolts slammed like a truck
Into the Jedi. Staying out of reach
Count Dooku taunted both the Jedi knights,
Boasting his Sith abilities and power
And jeering asked: did they need some insights?
All they had learnt inside their ivory tower
Gave them no victory. Anakin enraged
Closed in with double sabers striking fast.
Count Dooku countered and in turn engaged
The Jedi, whom he conquered at the last
By severing his arm. The twain in shock
Lay on the floor, half-corpses, side by side:
Readying their souls for death. Both hear him mock.
Before the Sith can kill them Yoda hied
Into the chamber. Dooku, beaten, fled
Leaving behind his victims nearly dead.