Anakin Wallpaper 04

Anakin Skywalker – The Petranski Arena

Now when at last he had declared his love,
Which she returned: shall they both suffer death?
NO! By the Force, by all the powers above:
Today he would not take his final breath.
Above them the crowds roared. Upon the sand
He stood, his body to a pillar chained.
Focus! Part of him the pageant scanned
What excited the crowd? That’s soon explained:
The picadors were prodding out three beasts
To eat their carcasses. The fun will start
When those monsters would their respective feasts
Begin. Time to play an unlooked-for part!
He taps the Force inside – breaking his chains,
Approached the Reek and with one upraised hand
Subdued it. Mounting it atop the plain
The Reek submitted docilely to command.

After the Acklay and Nexu both were dead,
The trio stood. Not yet their game was done –
For as the beasts in the arena bled
Under the bright, uncompromising sun,
Count Dooku, standing by the grim Archduke
Turned slowly, with stern menace in his eye
Administered a quiet, stern rebuke
To Poggle, saying simply: “They must die.”
Then things got out of hand, and rapidly:
Jedi strike teams arrived, 200 strong
To aid their brother knights. Dooku can see
His plans unravel as things all turn wrong.
He flees as battle-droids open fire as well:
The arena fast erupting into hell.