Anakin Wallpaper 03

Anakin Skywalker – The Death of Shmi

So Anakin woke up, disturbed by dreams:
His mother suffering, alone, in pain.
The same nightmare again! How real it seems!
But is it happening now? He can’t explain
What yet he fears. The possibilities
Are muddy. Nothing certain. Nothing clear.
Something is wrong! So much he clearly sees.
He can profit her nothing – unless near.
Padmé agrees – heart over-ruling head.
Space-jumps to Tatooine faster than light
Are still too slow for Anakin, who sped
To Mos Espa. Is his mother all right?
Watto gives information willingly.
Anakin seeks Cliegg Lars: lately marred
And lamed by Tusken raiders. He will see
His step-son. Speaks words gentle, but truths hard.
The Sand People had raided weeks before
And captured Shmi. In his rescue attempt
Thirty set out – but returned only with four,
Lars being one. Nor would he that fate tempt
Again. Skywalker hears. His eyes grew hard.
A furious indignation in him grew.
He asked directions from the farmer’s yard.
Shmi was alive – just barely. That he knew:
He sensed her through the Force. A friendly Lars
Lent Anakin his swoop bike,and him blessed
With all the guidance of the many stars
And agreed to take Padmé as his guest.
So Anakin rode out. The Force guides true.
He infiltrates a Tusken Raider’s tent.
Straight to his mother’s side he quickly drew
Cutting her free. But his mother is spent –
Her life is ebbing low. Soon she will die.
Anakin sobs goodbye. A mother’s touch
Bids him farewell with a departing sigh.
He holds her corse. Her death is all too much:
For Anakin storms through the camp in wroth
Giving the Tuskens a taste of their own.
The Raiders rally, being nothing loath:
They fight, they die, till all are overthrown.
When all are dead, at daybreak he returns
Carrying Shmi’s body cradled in two hands.
Cliegg Lars cries openly as he too learns
Of his wife’s fate. Under the open sands
They bury her together. Now comes guilt
Piercing the heart of Anakin straight through.
The Tusken blood that flows – in rivers spilt –
Cannot quench what his guilty conscience knew:
Shmi would not have died, had he been there.
So Anakin gives himself to despair.