Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker – Prelude

Enslaved to Watto, on drear Tatooine.
Though brusque, Watto well-treated me.
I had a little that I could call mine
And lived with mother, who others called Shmi.
On Tatooine I never would belong.
I met Jedi Qui-Gon. I think he knew
The midi-chlorian Force in me was strong.
Kenobi Obi-Wan could sense it too.
Was I the One foretold by prophecy
Proclaimed to restore balance to the Force?
How this would work out, none of us could see:
Our choices each propel us on a course
Leading us step by step towards what Life
For us in her dark store lays up concealed.
Eschewing Jedi rules, I took a wife.
Soon what the Future holds shall be revealed.
The Dark Side calls to me out of my fear
Padmé will die her day of childbirth.
Can I betray the Jedi? She is near
Her time. How many lives is Padmé worth?
The Dark Side knowledge tempts me. I am still
Deciding. Can I bend it to my will?
To save Padmé the Dark Side I must master:
I think this way avoids certain disaster…